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Information Recovery

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  • Perfect solution for deleted / lost information retrieval
  • Demo version of Information Recovery Software is free
  • Provides an option to preview files before saving
  • Information Recovery Tool works perfectly on internal & external hard drives
  • Performs Information retrieval on Windows as well as Mac OS


How to restore information?

Computer is an electronic device which is used to perform arithmetical and logical operations in an effective way. Every system has its storage device called hard drive. System hard drive is considered as safe and huge data storage device on which one can store any type of data such as office documents, video files, music files, photo files, applications, PPTs, PDFs and much more. However even data stored on system hard drive might not be safe because, there are various scenarios that leads to loss or deletion of data from it.

Consider a common scenario, suppose you are working on an important office project. You almost completed it & you happily went to have a break, as after the completion of the project, you are likely to get a promotion. While you were away, your child came to play a game on your system & deleted the file you were working on, unknowingly. When you came back, you find that that the file is gone. Aaaghhhh… This is a terrifying situation as instead of a promotion, you might lose your job. Now what should you do for that information retrieval or to restore information that has been deleted?

Don’t panic, as you can easily retrieve information that has been formatted, deleted or missing due to any reasons. The reason behind is that the Operating System keeps your deleted file until it is overwritten by some other file. Only the file pointers are removed, therefore you are not able to see the files anymore. It is recommended that you should immediately stop using the drive from which the loss happened or avoid adding new files to the device from which data has been lost or deleted before using recovery software. By doing so, the recovery chances will be increased.

But to recover all your lost or deleted information you need to make use of an effective and most recommended tool. One such tool is Information Recovery software using which, files can be easily made visible & accessible again. Here the Information Recovery tool comes as a rescuer for you to retrieve information. This Information Recovery Software can be of great help in situations like -

Formatting – Formatting leads to the removal of each and every bit of data from the device that is being formatted. You might accidentally format a drive containing crucial files, while formatting the drive which you intended to. There are times when you knowingly format your system when it gets affected by a serious virus infection or you are selling off your PC or when you install a new operating system. The consequence of both intentional and mistaken formatting is loss of huge amount of data. The situations will be worse if you don’t have a proper backup or the backup you were relying on, got corrupted or missing. This effective software provide you the complete procedure to get back info or to retrieve information after format.

Deletion of different file formats –Information Recovery tool has been designed so precisely that it helps to restore information i.e. files of over 300 types. This includes documents, pictures, videos, songs, application files, dll files, zipped / compressed folders, etc. Mostly the files that the users want to retrieve back are images. This tool perfectly supports recovery of deleted pictures of various formats like JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, GIF & even RAW images created by digital cameras. Information Recovery tool provides an option to preview the files before saving them. This helps in judging its performance & information recovery capability to restore information.

Loss of data from various external devices – The data might go missing or get deleted from internal as well as external devices. External storage devices include USB drives, memory cards, external hard drives, mobile phones, etc. of various popular brands. Using Information recovery software, it is very easy to rescue information or to restore deleted / lost data from any of these devices. If you have deleted or lost data from USB drive and wants to specifically recover data from USB drives then click here to know the USB data loss scenarios & their solution to retrieve information from USB.

Missing files on Windows or Mac OS – Different users make use of different Operating Systems. Mac & Windows are the most widely used OS among the ones available in the market. So, a perfect Information Recovery tool should be compatible with both these Operating Systems to extract information that has been lost or deleted. Information Recovery is one of them, as it supports all the latest versions of Windows & Mac OS, including Windows 8 & Mac Mavericks. Visit: to know more on how to restore information basically from different versions of your Mac Operating System and Mac computers like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iMac etc.

In all the above mentioned scenarios, Information Recovery Software works perfectly well to restore lost or deleted data from internal and external hard drives, memory cards, usb drives etc. It is an advanced utility which has been reviewed and recommended by many industry experts to get back erased or missing information. This effective tool has strong scanning algorithms that find and restore all your deleted or lost data without missing even a single file. It has also built with simple graphical user interface that helps even novice user to retrieve information without any technical guidance.

This effective Information Recovery Tool is safe and secure tool available in the market to recover information from various storage devices without editing or altering the original file content. This recovery tool also has an ability to recover information or data from RAID arrays like RAID0, RAID1 and RAID4 and from various file systems like FAT, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS and HFSX. It also supports you to restore data from various brands of storage devices. It provides "Save Recovery Session" to avoid re-scanning of your storage device and resume the saving process any time. It also facilitates you to "Preview" the recovered data before restoration.

Recent Updates:

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Recover Data from Deleted Partition: Do you want to know how to recover data from deleted partition? If this is the case then make use of Information Recovery software to restore data from deleted partition formatted with different file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT. For more info on how to recover data from deleted partition, do visit this page:

Recover Information from Crashed Hard Drive: Have you lost your important info due to crashed hard drive? If so, then don't panic as you can easily recover information from crashed hard drive. For more details about information recovery from crashed hard drive, visit:

Tips to avoid data loss from your storage device –

  • Keep regular backup of important files so that it will be useful in data loss situations.
  • Use trusted and efficient anti-virus tool to avoid loss of data due to virus attack.
  • Never install software that is not compatible with your system’s configuration.

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